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Julie Dearyan


Capturing a Journey of Faith

Stories help us triumph in life. Julie Dearyan writes stories that show no matter how dark and difficult circumstances can be, it always helps to latch onto faith.

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My books

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Skye Tribe

She came to the earth too soon and with the wrong body, but she is determined to complete her mission to find her parents. When she got captured by Egan, she didn’t dream that this warrior would change everything she knew into a completely different life.


My Name is Faith but I Sure Don’t Have Any

When life gives you lemons, Faith turns them into lemon pastry cream. She takes a job in a small-town diner in order to find her sister who is involved in a dangerous drug ring. She becomes the chef of the diner and transforms it into a destination for the area. She meets Landon, the local preacher, and together they seek to find her sister. Click here to sign up for my newsletter and get the first chapter of this book.


The Last Noelle

Noelle hates Christmas although she was named for it. She is forced to join an Amazing Race type event on December 25 that members of her family have won for years. The problem is she must find a partner to do the race with her. After many disastrous first dates with potential partners, she finds the love of her life and a fresh love for the season.


Honor Inc.

Honor is willing to marry for money to save her family’s business but an accident on the way to her wedding changes the trajectory of her life.


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