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Julie Dearyan, Writer, Pastor’s Wife, Mom, Grandma

I’m married to Neal Dearyan who pastors the Chili Crossroads Bible Church in Fresno, Ohio. We’ve been a part of this wonderful church for 12 years. I never dreamed that I’d be in rural Ohio since I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago but here we are. We love it. We live in Amish and farm country where lambs bleat in the fields in Spring, mashed potatoes are never instant, sour cream makes the world go round, and people are the salt of the earth. We have a Christian School, a preschool, and a thriving ministry. I tutor many students who have dyslexia helping them with their reading and spelling. I write whenever I have extra time which isn’t real often, but we all make time for the things that are important to us.


We have two grown children who work full time at our home church, Quentin Road Baptist. Our son, Jamie, has twin daughters who make waking up in the morning fully worth it. He works on television editing for my brother’s television program, In Grace. Harper and Kinsley are absolutely adorable, and they bring much joy to Neal and myself. We spend every spare minute traveling to the Chicago area to spend time with them and of course, with the rest of the family.


Our daughter, Amanda, is a head teacher for a class of preschoolers at Quentin Road. She loves to sing, draw, write songs, and says she loves to read my books. You gotta love someone who says that.

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